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For over more than 20 years, the Guatemala Project has provided teams of volunteers to help the Mayan communities near Chichicastenango, in the Highlands of Guatemala.  we have built homes, schools, church buildings, trade schools and clinics.  

In addition, the teams have provided school supplies, medicines and medical services, English classes, musical instruments and recreational opportunities.

Home construction for mud slide victim


A scout team was sent by the La Mesa First United Methodist Church to Guatemala to research possible projects.  Selected was the Ruth & Naomi project, a part of the Methodist Church in Guatemala.


The first section of the Ruth & Naomi building in Chichicastenango is erected to serve as school and workshop. 


A two story dormitory, kitchen and showroom is added to the Ruth & Naomi Building.  The medical clinic in rural Camanchaj gets ceilings, interior doors, better lighting and tile floors.


Provided Camanchaj medical clinic with potable water system,roof repairs and equipped 3 exam rooms a pharmacy and the kitchen.  In 5 days our medical 12 medical team personnel treated 777 patients.


Two houses were completed for widows and their families. Funds were left  for Guatemalan  crews to complete 4 more.  Our medical team visited 3 sites and treated 625 patients.


We purchased land and constructed the exterior of a home to serve 45 severely malnourished children annually. The home involved  parents and children in a program stressing nutrition and sanitation


Added shelves, ceilings and picket fences to the home for malnourished children. Our efficient medical team treated 926 patients in 4 1/2 days.


Equipped the interior of the recovery home for malnourished children, sealed the tile of the leaking roof and played and worked with the children.


Established a village bank of indigenous people for micro business development; began construction of a community primary school for disadvantaged children and provided medical services to 1,200.


We completed construction work on the community primary school for disadvantaged children.  Included in school was a stage,  indoor basketball court and a community meeting room.


We assisted in building a very large new church building in the remote community of Pocohil Primero.


We helped to complete a church and built a basketball court with three class or community rooms underneath the court in remote Paquixic.



We started the Warren Heyer Rural Health Clinic in Patulup, a rural community about an hour's trip from Chichicasgtenango.

Completed a community kitchen and dinning room at Chontala.


Completed third floor of Warren Heyer Rural Health Clinic and built four classrooms at local school in Patulup.  A medical team treated patients in remote communities.


Built five elementary school rooms in Xeabaj, a poor rural community just outside of Chichicastenango.


Completed three elementary school rooms in Saquilla Segundo. Provided much needed computers to local middle school.



Installed 148 efficiency wood-burning stoves in the homes of 74 families. Funded and constructed a church kitchen.


Installed 120 wood efficiency stoves and finished a dental clinic and training room in an isolated community


We funded andhelp construct two   elementary school rooms capable of supporting a second story in the poor rural community of Xepocol


Winter:  Built house for mudslide victim and installed 60 stoves in 30 homes.

Summer:  Built mudslide victim home and installed 100 wood efficiency stoves in 50 homes.


Installed internet access in rural school and installed 60 stoves in 30 homes. Established international relationship between rural school in Potalup, Guatemala and a private elementary school in La Jolla, California.



Installed 160 wood efficiency stoves in 80 homes, prepared for second floor on top of two previously constructed class room and increased security at a school in Potalup.

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